Final Archeological Report on the

History and Archeology of The

Ransom and Sarah Williams Farmstead



The Ransom and Sarah Williams farmstead site was first tested in 2003, and on-site data recovery investigations were completed in the summer of 2009. The final archeological technical report was finally published in 2015, and the two-volume set is and the digital report is now available free downloading (note the large file sizes: Volume 1 is 152 MB and Volume 2 is 21 MB):




Volume 1

Volume 2



The report citation is:

Boyd, Douglas K., Aaron R. Norment, Terri Myers, Maria Franklin, Nedra Lee, Leslie L. Bush, and Brian S. Shaffer

2015 The Ransom and Sarah Williams Farmstead: Post-Emancipation Transitions of an African American Family in Central Texas. Two volumes. Reports of Investigations No. 173. Prewitt and Associates, Inc., Austin, Texas. Archeological Studies Program Report No. 139, Environmental Affairs Division, Texas Department of Transportation, Austin, Texas.


The report has:

743 Pages

14 Chapters

6 Appendixes

219 Figures

188 Tables

Detailed descriptions and analyses of 18,742 artifacts