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Ross C. Fields, RPA

Ross Fields has an extensive background in all phases of archeology, including survey, testing, and data recovery. He has participated in projects in Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Southeastern Alaska, Louisiana, Arizona, Missouri, and Utah. Mr. Fields is responsible for the planning and management for both large and small projects, for clients from federal, state, and local agencies, as well as those of private industry.  His research interests include the archeology of the Caddo area and adjacent portions of southeastern and east-central Texas and western Louisiana.  Mr. Fields earned  MA and  BA degrees in Anthropology from The University of Texas. 

Douglas K. Boyd, RPA
Vice President 

Doug Boyd has a wide range of archeological experience, covering a variety of project types. His extensive survey, testing, and data recovery background includes projects in the western and northern parts of Texas and in adjacent portions of New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Kansas. Mr. Boyd is responsible for the planning and management of a range of projects for a variety of clients, in both the private and public sectors. His research interests include prehistoric, protohistoric, and historic cultures of the southern Plains; native American rock art of the Southern Plains; southwestern influence in the Great Plains; and Plains/Pueblo interaction and bison/man relationships. He earned a MA in Anthropology from Texas A&M University, and a BA in Anthropology from West Texas State University.

Karen M. Gardner, RPA
Vice President & Business Manager

Karen Gardner has field experience in prehistoric, historic, and underwater archeology from projects in Texas, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Jamaica. She has extensive experience in laboratory and collections management, including the conservation and treatment of archeological materials from terrestrial and marine environments. Ms. Gardner is also responsible for the planning and management of a variety of projects, including those done in association with other cultural resources companies. Research interests include mortuary analysis, Mimbres ceramics, and curation and collection management issues. She earned a MA  in Anthropology from Texas A&M University and a BA in Anthropology and Sociology from Clarion State University.

Sandra L. Hannum
Senior Cartographer 

With a thorough background in all phases of archeological fieldwork and experience in drafting, cartography, and publication layout and design, Sandy Hannum is ideally suited to handling mapping, photographic, and other report production needs. Her extensive experience in the use and maintenance of computer hardware and software allows her to use current technology to its fullest advantage. Recent projects include the production of visual museum-quality displays, public outreach brochures, and classroom lesson plans. Ms. Hannum received a MA in Latin American Studies and Cartography from The University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Anthropology and Geography from Clarion State University.


Amy E. Dase

Amy Dase has extensive experience with the various components of historical research, architectural history, and cultural resources planning and development. She is familiar with utilizing a range of archival resources, including national, state, and county records. Ms. Dase is also experienced in conducting oral histories and preparing the accompanying transcriptions. Research interests include African American history, the history of the 20th century, and architectural history. Ms. Dase received a MA in History from Middle Tennessee State University and a BA in History from Northwestern University. 

John E. Dockall, RPA

John Dockall has experience on a variety of archeological projects and has participated in field work in Jordan, Belize, New Mexico, Texas, and Hawaii. His fieldwork experience includes both large and small scale projects involving survey, testing, and data recovery. Research interests include hunter-gatherer theory, lithic technology, stone tool use and micro-wear analysis, Lower and Middle Paleolithic technology, hominoid evolution and cognition, the influence of mobility and sedentism on subsistence technology, technological studies of lithic assemblages, and stone tool replication. Dr. Dockall earned his BA in Anthropology from the University of Texas, Permian Basin and both a MA and PhD in Anthropology from Texas A&M University. 

Eloise Frances Gadus

Eloise Gadus extensive experience in archeological survey, testing, and data recovery. Her experience includes projects in Texas, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Ohio. Based on the range and depth of her experience, Ms. Gadus is able to lead and direct projects, and works with crews to ensure that the proper field techniques are followed. Research interests include Gulf Coast and Woodland archeology, prehistoric ceramics, and iconography of prehistoric societies. Ms. Gadus received a BA in Anthropology from Cleveland State University and completed course work towards a MA degree in Anthropology at the University of Florida. 

Robert Thrift

With field experience in survey, testing, and data recovery projects, Mr. Thrift demonstrates a wide range of abilities and expertise. His abilities include extensive experience with site mapping, including the operation and transfer of data from a total data station, as well as in field techniques, photography, and record keeping. Mr. Thrift is also involved in the processing and cataloging of artifacts, the flotation of bulk samples, and the preparation of collections for curation. He has worked throughout Texas, and has also had the opportunity to work in Belize. Mr. Thrift graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Anthropology. 


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